London 2012 will be a success

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In around twenty weeks London will open its doors to the world’s media, fans and athletes; as it hosts the modern Olympiad for the third time in its history.

I think I speak for all Londoners when I say that London is immensely proud to welcome the world to our great city. I believe it will not only be a successful month for our athletes in Team GB; but also for British businesses and manufacturers, as we show the world what this city can do.

The venues are wonderfully designed; and despite the critics they will all be completed in time for the games. However, it’s not just the work done by our designers and engineers that will impress the world come the summer. The legions of volunteers who will be helping with the tourism and stewarding side of the games will be showing London off, as one of the cultural capitals of the world. They will be ensuring that spectators and tourists alike are well looked after as they go between venues and tourist attractions.

The Mayor and I are determined to make London 2012 the most accessible Olympics ever. The Mayor has spent £3.5 million on the South Bank area to improve its accessibility to visitors; these included campaigning for the installation of a lift on Tower Bridge as well lifting a cobbled street to make them easier for wheelchair users to use.

I am confident that London will do Britain proud. This nation, and this city, has a long, and proud, history of hosting international events and I’m sure the London 2012 Olympics will prove to be no different.

We are determined that when people think back on London 2012, it will be with fond memories.

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