Act HIV Aware

Tackling inequality in health is a key issue for me in London, as is the focus on a number of key issues affecting the health of Londoners: Obesity; Alcohol; Drugs; Mental Health; and our Keep Warm Keep Well campaign.

As the GLA has no direct control over London’s health and social care services, we have to work closely with the NHS, boroughs and other organizations to ensure that London is getting the care it needs and deserves.

The latest life expectancy figures show that London is ahead of cities such as New York, but behind other large cities, such as Paris, Sydney and Tokyo. Our Health inequalities strategy aims to change this and sets out five core objectives:

1. empower individuals and communities to improve health and well-being

2. improve access to high quality health and social care services, particularly for Londoners who have poor health outcomes

3. reduce income inequality and the negative consequences of relative poverty

4. increase the opportunities for people to access the potential benefits of good work and meaningful activity

5. develop and promote London as a healthy place for all