I achieved elected office for the first time in May 1982, representing the marginal ward of Cowley, Uxbridge in the London Borough of Hillingdon and lost it four years later in 1986. I had been offered a safer seat but refused to go on the “chicken run” just to stay in office. The best lesson an aspiring politician can have is that democracy swings both ways and you can’t only defend it when you win.
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My Values
Economic policies that are not based on social justice have no moral value: social justice policies that lack economic policy support are without deliverable value.

Over the past two years, as Mayoral lead for Social Justice policies I have been in a position to ensure the delivery of a new equalities policy “Equal Life Chances for All” that not only recognises the differences between communities and individuals but endeavours to mainstream solutions rather than treat each group, as defined by law, as a separate body.
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Becoming Social
In order to better connect with London I have placed myself on various social medias so that anyone in London can get in touch me.


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