The Deputy Mayor of London
The Deputy Mayor of London is a post established within the GLA Act (1999) and is a statutory position and role. The individual who holds the post must be an elected member of the London Assembly and is appointed by the Mayor of London. Two people have held the post before me, Nicky Gavron (Labour) for seven years and Jenny Jones (Green) for one year. Both served under Ken Livingstone.
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Assembly Member
The London Assembly is one part of the Greater London Authority (GLA), which also includes the Mayor of London and approximately 700 members of supporting staff. The London Assembly was established in 2000 and has 25 elected members. There are 14 constituencies, each electing one member, with a further 11 members elected from a party list.
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Local councillors roles have changed dramatically over the past ten years. With the advent of Cabinet government in local authorities obliterating the former committee system with its interminable meetings, back bench members such as myself can focus their attention on the community, ward, that they represent.
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