Regeneration Boost for Hillingdon

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The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson recently revealed his proposal to invest over £2.7 million to rejuvenate Ruislip Manor and Northwood Hills town centres. This investment will drive economic growth and opportunity through job creation. The funding will also provide for new signage, street furniture, improved street lighting and the planting of new trees.

This comes as part of the Mayor’s programme to improve town centres across London, to ensure that they remain key parts of local communities. The redevelopment will seek to increase accessibility to town centres, by redesigning road layouts to ensure better traffic flow, cyclist and bus access. These improvements will seek to mediate the strain on local streets that often become heavily congested at peak times.

This project that has been agreed by the Mayor and Hillingdon Council and will also provision for new markets, cultural and community events, retail and business support. A key part of this proposal is its aim of promoting apprenticeships for local people to local firms.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: “Town centres are the lifeblood of our communities and we have to do all we can to ensure they can prosper and grow…I look forward to seeing these planned improvements building a positive buzz and driving investment and job creation in the borough.”

I wanted to take this opportunity to voice my on-going support for the redevelopment of town centres across the capital, especially in Hillingdon. They are incredibly important centres for local communities and businesses, in order for them to stay that way investment is needed. I sincerely believe that the funding that will be provided by this proposal will help the borough to continue to grow, and thrive, as a commercial and social area.

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