The Dangers of Khat Misuse

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As the Deputy Mayor Of London I have endorsed a recent Review carried out by the London Borough of Hillingdon which calls for the regulation of the herbal high, Khat. I welcome its findings and I will make sure that it is considered by the Greater London Authority, the Mayor and that it is brought to the attention of the Home Office as well.

The London Borough of Hillingdons, report looks into the potential risks posed by Khat. Traditionally used in the Somalian, Kenyan, Ethiopian and Yemen communities, the legal high has become an ever-more popular drug of choice in mainstream UK culture.

The report puts forward the idea that the drug should be regulated, rather than banned, thereby allowing the local authorities, police and government agencies greater powers to control its importation and distribution without creating an underground market.

Among these recommendations are for Khat to be age restricted, checked for pesticide levels on importation and for sellers and community centres, populated by users, to be subject to food hygiene safety regulations.

Through this report it is hoped that the need to do more to tackle the public health and anti-social behaviour issues that can arise from its use are highlighted to the relevant authorities.

The full report can be viewed by visiting the Hillingdon council website.

UPDATE: More information on the review. The Ealing Gazette has posted an article explaining my views on the dangers and use of Khat. Read More Here.

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