AV Refurendum Review

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With the AV referendum now held and the votes counted, the final UK result stands at 6,152,607 Total votes ‘YES’ (32.10%) and 13,013,123 Total votes ‘NO’ (67.90%). The official figures state that 19.1 million people voted on May 5th – a higher than expected turnout of 41%. On behalf of London to those who voted; I would like to say thank you for letting us know your answer.

When we ask a question and the reply is as clear as we have seen, we as politicians must accept the outcome and move on. The United Kingdom has spoken and they have declared with an overwhelming certainty that they reject the alternative voting system.

For those of you interested – here is the breakdown of how London voted.

AV Refurendum Borough Results

AV Refurendum Borough Results

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