London 2012 Equality and Diversity Forum

13 Oct 2011


i chaired the regular meeting of the London 2012 Equality and Diversity Forum at the offices of LOCOG. The Forum monitors and champions equality and diversity in all aspects of the Games. The meeting was attended by the regular Forum members including senior equality and diversity representatives from LOCOG, the ODA and GOE.

The meeting in October focused on the ‘last mile’, which is between the last mode of transport and getting to a Games venue. Key issues included facilitating the movement of the large number of visitors expected and ensuring those people with mobility impairments are able to come and go from Games’ with a smoother journey as possible.

The group also discussed the ‘test events’ that LOCOG are undertaking. The ‘test events’ are an opportunity for officers at LOCOG to ensure that staff and volunteers working at the events are taking into account a range of diversity issues and where there are gaps this can be addressed through targeted training.