GLA 2011 Budget

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I welcome the announcement of the new GLA Budget for 2011, as it is a great deal for Hillingdon and Ealing and all Londoners. For the third year running, Boris Johnson has frozen the GLA precept on Council Tax. This is extremely good news, as it means that City Hall will be able to protect frontline services whilst providing Londoners with “more bang for their buck”. This will be particularly helpful for pensioners and those on low incomes. Ken Livingstone increased the precept by 152% during his time as Mayor, more than doubling the band D precept.

Boris Johnson has announced a £42 billion increase in funding for the Metropolitan Police. This will mean the end of the recruitment freeze and an increase in police numbers of at least 750 since Boris Johnson became Mayor in 2008. There will also be a resulting increase in the number of uniformed officers on patrol. The decision to introduce single patrolling in some areas will also mean that police officers will be more effectively deployed.

In addition to policing, the Mayor has also reversed the decision to cut funding to TfL’s Local Improvement Plan, which provides funds to improve transport facilities in local areas, including new provisions for cyclists and measures to improve traffic flow. This will provide more funding for transport services in Ealing and Hillingdon. As well as this, the two boroughs are eligible to receive additional funding to help boost cycling in the area and get more people on their bikes.

The budget will bring benefits to the residents of Ealing and Hillingdon by increasing police numbers to make our streets safer and improving transport and cycling in the area. The budget will protect important frontline services such as the London Fire Brigade, even in the difficult financial climate, and cut waste in City Hall. Boris Johnson’s decision not to increase the Council Tax precept, the equivalent of a 6% cut in real terms over 3 years, will also help keep Council Tax rises to a minimum and ensure that taxpayers’ money is spent wisely but that essential services for Londoners are protected.

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